CV Marcus Johansson


I’m a qualified developer with extensive experience in different platforms. My expertize lies within migrating other platforms into Drupal CMS as well as building Drupal websites from scratch. I also have great experience working with everything Lucene (Elasticsearch, Solr). I have experience in working both as a one-man workforce consultant as well as in a team, both in Scrum and Kanban environments. I have 10+ years’ experience with PHP/MySQL, 8 years’ experience with Drupal (from version 4.6 and forward). I’m looking for any type of job where I can evolve as a developer, either in form of senior Drupal, PHP, CodeIgniter or Lucene positions, intermediate node.js, C#, Lua or Yii positions or junior positions in languages I have yet to learn. I prefer pure developer roles before manager roles, but I can handle both if necessary. I’m not interested in architect roles since I’m more hands-on.

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Building Custom Drupal Modules, Drupal Theming, Drupal module experience (Views, CCK, Panels, Imagecache, Rules, Context etc), Drupal deployment methods (Drush, Features, Aegir), PHP, Couchbase, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, jQuery, Nginx, Building and using RESTful Web Services (XML, JSON, SOAP), MySQL (including flavours), Varnish, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, LESS, Sass, Logstash, Kibana


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, GIT, SVN/CVS, Linux administration (Debian/Ubuntu or Red Hat preferred), Memcache, CDN’s, Apache, Lighttpd, InfiniDB, Percona products, MongoDB, Zend Framework, Lua, Limelayer Framework, SEO knowledge, Web design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Composer, Vagrant, Mustache, jQuery Mobile, MooTools, C#, Zephir, Laravel, Symfony


Ruby on Rails, Joomla, Google Go, Oracle, RabbitMQ

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Podnix Cloud, Podnix AB, Berlin, Germany Apr 2013 – Present

Co-Owner and Senior Developer

I’m a co-owner and developer for a full-fledged cloud hosting provider built from scratch, giving the customers the possibility to scale to their needs. Customer-facing website built in Drupal, customer-facing control panel built in ExtJS, built on top off a public RESTful API built using MySQL and PHP. I also did server maintenance scripts using KVM virtualization solutions for the hosting.

We setup a whole lot of custom customer facing services like ticketing systems, chat support, support with backend Elasticsearch auto searching function.
And also non-customer facing tools for BI like a custom made user behavior tracker (like, Zabbix for controlling the usage and a custom built invoicing system that works together with vendors like Paypal, Paymill and Bitpay.

Messo Chat, Podnix AB, Berlin, Germany Apr 2014 – Jun 2014

App Developer

Main developer of the first Android chat app that works without having a data plan, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Basically you can buy a cash card without any credits on it and start chatting without having to fill up or without having to have a data plan subscription. The main market is developing countries where mobile data connection is still expensive.

This uses a technology that I won’t disclose, but it is built using the normal Java Android Native SDK, with a backend built in Lua.

Freelance work, Berlin, Germany Apr 2013 – Present

I do Drupal freelance work – module development for various companies and organizations.

Nokia GmbH, Berlin, Germany Jan 2012 – Apr 2013

Senior Backend Developer, Nokia Next

I worked in an international team with collaboration between our Vancouver, Boston, Beijing and Berlin offices. I was the lead-developer that developed and managed a fully interactive catalog and search RESTful API from scratch using nginx, PHP, Lua, Elasticsearch, Couchbase and other tools. This is used today in a highly scalable and performant production environment with tens of millions of unique visitors everyday both from mobile and desktop platforms.

I was also responsible for prototyping different clients to the API both on desktop environment in Drupal and CodeIgniter/jQuery, as well as mobile clients in both jQuery Mobile/Phonegap for mobile web and doing native Windows 7 mobile apps in C#/Visual Studio.
Besides that I also did a public documentation tool and backend admin system in Drupal.

Before actually starting development we did 3 months of research to test Solr vs. Elasticsearch. MongoDB vs. Couchbase, node.js vs Lua, so I have benchmark experience of many tools.

Nokia Gate5, Berlin, Germany Feb 2011 – Jan 2012

Software Developer, Control Room

I developed business intelligence (BI) tools for 24/7 real-time data crunching and mining. Partly we developed completely custom BI tools from scratch using InfiniDB and Hadoop/Hive for data mining and using Drupal as a front end with extensive jQuery modifications for graphing and visualization. Since we worked with analysts from international branches in developing countries with little or none knowledge of Internet I also created custom Excel handlers in a WAMP environment so that the analysts could use Excel for all analysis/modifications.

I also setup and modified popular BI tools like Zabbix and Nagios, as well as creating modules talking to well-known BI tools like Sitecatalyst API and Keynote System API for mixing our data sources with external data sources.

Axel Springer New Media International, Berlin, Germany Jan 2009 – Feb 2011

Freelancing Full Time Drupal Developer

Helped the central offices in creating organic projects for the international branches of Axel Springer. Taught local junior and senior PHP-developers at our international branches both how to administrate and develop for Drupal 6 & 7. Helped the international branches to build and migrate projects in other platforms into Drupal. Projects that I built or worked on include:
World’s Luxury Guide ( ) - Multilingual site that is part of the WELT brand.
Gamezilla ( ) – Polish gaming website.
Jakymobil ( - Czech price comparison engine for mobile phones
ASNMI ( ) – Internal web for informing and collaboration that included SSO solution for using other open source software as ActiveCollab, Mediawiki, OpenAtrium, Pligg.
Autobild Espana ( ) Spanish auto website ( ) Polish auto website

Studentis Group AB, Borås, Sweden Jul 2006 – Jan 2009

Drupal Developer

Worked as a Drupal Developer for Swedens biggest network of sites for university students. I worked in a team of four developers and themers migrating the website portfolio of Studentis into Drupal websites. I worked with building custom content modules for Drupal 4.7 as well as SSO solution and an advertisement user database. I also worked with Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 at later stages. Since Studentis was a small startup company looking for investments I was also responsible for doing Drupal presentations for potential investors. Some of the sites of Studentis include: ( ) – Sweden’s largest university site.
Festivalinfo ( ) – Sweden’s largest web site about festivals and concerts.
Abandonia ( ) – World’s largest abandonware site. ( ) – At that time Sweden’s third largest community.
MVGplus ( ) – Sweden’s biggest database for high school senior projects.

Drivhuset Borås, Borås, Sweden Sep 2005 – Jul 2006

Co-founder and member of the board

Drivhuset Borås is the first local incubator and entrepreneur foundation for student ideas and student companies in Borås. I co-created the Borås branch with the Head of Borås Handelsklubb (Chamber of commerce) and was also one of the board members in the first board of Drivhuset. Drivhuset Borås has helped students in Borås creating 309 companies as of January 2012.

Student Union of Borås, Borås, Sweden Jul 2004 – Jul 2006

Head of Information and employment issues

Students elected full-time board member. This included working with the commissions voted by the council of the Student Union of Borås, as well as holding the students voice in the University Board of Entrepreneurship and University Board of Cooperation. This also included the assignment to hold lectures for local organizations, companies, chamber of commerce, media and Rotary clubs about what the students of Borås could offer for the local county. I convinced 60 local retailers to give student discounts, so the number increased from 20 to 80.

Together with a representative from the Student Union of Gothenburg I also sealed a deal with the regional public transportation company – Västtrafik of a 25 % discount on all commutation tickets. I also held one vote in the council of Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer (Swedens National Union of Students).

STARK Konsult i Sjuhärad AB, Borås, Sweden Jul 2004 – Jul 2006


Head of a private joint-stock-company working with student employment. I helped students finding part-time academic consultancy jobs during their studies. The students where employed by us working for companies relevant to their fields of studies. We did this primarily for students that majored in engineering, economics or computer science.

STARK i Sjuhärad AB, Borås, Sweden Jul 2004 – Jul 2006

Project manager STARK-dagen

Worked two years in a row as a project manager for the biggest job fair in the city of Borås – STARK-dagen. I did lead a group of 8-10 volunteering students preparing, selling, advertising and doing after-analysis of the fair. The fair had about 3500 visiting students and alumni as well as between 60 -90 companies and organizations exhibiting. We also did pre-organize interesting talks with job coaches for students as well as a having famous Swedes (Henrik Schyffert, Lasse Eriksson) talking about personal branding and self-fulfillment on the day of the fair.

Own company, Lerum, Sweden Jul 1996 – Present


A sole proprietorship where I’ve worked with mainly doing web pages for smaller retail and service companies to co-finance my high school and university years. I created mostly custom built solutions or worked with Mambo (Later to be Joomla). Since 2005 I have mainly used this company for taxation of gains from self-built projects.


University College of Borås, Sweden Aug 2002 – Jul 2004

2 years towards Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering. During my studies I was engaged in:
President and founder of Students Cinema Club – operating a free cinema with a capacity of 660 seating.
Member of STARK-dagen project group, responsible for web site and print information.
Layout Artist for the Students Newspaper.
Member of the Board of the Engineering Divison Association, responsible for the web site.
Member of the Board of the Students Pub with a capacity of 1100 people. I was one of the pub managers that held liabilities toward local authorities for the alcohol serving permit.

University College of Borås, Sweden Aug 2001 – Jul 2002

Spread courses in educational psychology.


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