Drupal Freelancer in Berlin

Having trouble with Drupal? Having trouble finding Freelancers/Freiberufler or Contractors for your Drupal site? Need one more really specific module to make your Drupal site perfect? Have problems scaling your Drupal website server? I can help you.

With over 10 years of professional experience working with Drupal 4.6, Drupal 4.7, Drupal 5, Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, I offer services of the highest quality in almost any field of Drupal.

I have worked on big international projects for brands as Nokia as well as with some of the largest media projects in Germany such as Die Welt and Autobild. I have a proven record of building over 30 commercial projects all over Europe in Drupal from scratch as well as maintaining and improving a multitude of other projects. If you want references please do not hesitate to contact me. Outside of Drupal freelancing I from time to time do Elasticsearch freelancing as well. If you want to see my formal qualification please visit my CV.

I currently live in Berlin, so for on-site longtime projects I'm only available in Berlin and satellite work. For part-time or shorter projects I'm available to be on site in all off Europe.

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+49 (0)151-168 90 267
Rochstra├če 9
101 78 Berlin
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What services do I provide?

Drupal module building [+]

I have built and maintained 100's of modules ranging from just small fix-one-thing modules, to complex modules integrating with the whole Drupal system. To get an idea of my code quality as well as my understanding of the Drupal system, please check out the contributed open-source modules that I made. I do all kinds of work, ranging from 1 hour fixes of modules to large scale integration Drupal modules. I can do quick-and-dirty to keep down your costs or do it "correctly" in such a manner that your modules are approved to be contributed to Drupal.org.

Setting up complete websites [+]

I do all parts of setting up complete sites - from idea, to project management, server setup, backend and frontend development including advanced JavaScript, responsive design, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS etc.. I can work completely independent or in teams. I have experience working with agile methods as Kanban, Extreme Programming and Scrum. I have experience working with/via many famous collaboration tool (OpenCollab, ActiveCollab, Basecamp, Trello, Trac, Open Atrium, Mantis, OpenProject, JIRA etc.) and can adapt easily to new ones.

The only service that I can't provide you with on a professional level is UX and Web Design. You need to have a concept of how the website should look. In Berlin I can provide you with external consultants that can help you with these issues if you need.

Mobile development [+]

All sites/themes that I do are naturally done in responsive design, but I can of course also do device-sensing multi-device layouts. So the frontend code will work on all mobile devices.

Besides that I also do jQuery mobile/Phonegap, native Android, native iPhone and native Windows Mobile development so that if you want to create an app connected to your Drupal website I can develop that for you as well.

Scaling and speed [+]

If you have problems with slow websites or that your servers not handling the load I can help you with that. I have worked on one of the top-100 most visited web projects in the World, so I have learnt many tricks how to scale.

Drupal is hard to scale, but there are a lot of tricks that you can do to manage the load. I know many that you can apply on the server layer, database layer as well as on the code layer. I know how to work and optimize Nginx, Cherokee, Lighty, Varnish, Apache (don't!). I can setup middle caching layers like memcache, as well as move certain key-value parts to MongoDb or CouchBase. I can help you setup advanced MySQL replication servers. I can help you move to faster storage engines like Percona XtraDB. I work in any Linux server distribution, even though my preferred environment is Ubuntu/Debian.

I can build your site to scale with the cloud. I even own and built a cloud hosting provider, where I can give you heavy discounts as a client.

Integrating Drupal with external apis or technology [+]

I can help you integrate your Drupal site in any way you wish with any type of normal API (REST/SOAP/XML-RPC) as well as setup an API of your own using Drupal.

Provided that it's a technology that I'm comfortable with (check out my CV). I do build integration platforms with external technology. I have done so in the past with for instance Elasticsearch and CouchDB.

Drupal Theme Building [+]

I usually only do this as part of setting up complete websites since I you usually have to adapt the theme to the functionality of the website in the end, specially if it's heavy JavaScript based. But if you have some really specific theme idea I might still be able to help you.

Consultation [+]

Not sure if Drupal is the technology for you? Or you might be a developer that are uncertain how to solve some specific issue in Drupal. I'm available for pure consultation on any questions that you might have. I have a broad experience of technologies outside of Drupal (see my CV) so I can help you with the decision on what technology your project would need.