I recently found a thread on Reddit asking how to update the description field of a specific form. I would usually solve this myself by doing a module. When the thread was not answered for a long time for some reason I started Googling ways to solve this. While there exists some ways to solve the specific question I could not find a single module in Drupal 7 that lets you do a form_alter directly into the system. So I created a module.
Data URI's is a way to take your external images and put the binaries inside the html document or a css document. Why would you want to do this? The gist of it all is that it's sometimes faster and more scalable to transfer fewer larger files then more smaller files. Let's see if this is true and how we can solve this.
So you couldn't learn enough about your users from the HeatMap module? What is the next step to get to know how the users surfs your website? Well, why just not record their session.
I can make some user flow assumptions based on the the structure of this document. I can assume that when you entered this page the first thing you noticed was Arnold. Most likely the second thing you did was to read the title text to verify that this is actually a developers site and not a movie site. And since you are reading this sentence I can quite happily assume that you also understood that you had to click "Read the article" or scroll down to actually read the content on this web page. But how do I verify those assumptions? As far as I know, no one might read this text at all. So how can I find out how people are using my Drupal site?