User Recording for Drupal

So you couldn't learn enough about your users from the HeatMap module? What is the next step to get to know how the users surfs your website? Well, why just not record their session.


If you want to stalk your users and have no shame at all you can watch every page session like a video with the User Recording module for Drupal.


Before I'll explain how this module works there are certain aspects of this module that might make you seem crazy for using it. Maybe not bunny-boiler-crazy, but sure enough you could breach a couple of privacy laws by using this module and whilst doing so end up looking like a stalker. When it comes to recording users sessions, please be aware that this might not be legal in many countries without the end-user consenting to the recording. In Germany where I live, I'm 100% certain that it's not legal, for instance. So please tread lightly when using this module and be open how and when you use it to the end user. I have built in a couple of privacy mechanisms into the module. So by default it does not track individual IP numbers, individual logged in users or text entered into password fields. Of course you can change this as an admin in the settings if you are certain that this is legal in your country or if you are an evil mastermind. As an example - I built and used this module myself on a project where the client actually wanted to follow the content editors of the website to see if they could understand the system. They were aware of being recorded and were completely fine with it.

What will it record?

This depends on what you choose to record. But by default it records the following:

  • All mouse movements
  • All mouse clicks
  • All scrolling
  • All keyboard inputs unless it's inside a password field
  • Country of the user
  • Language of the users browser
  • The browsers navigation parameter (Which browser etc)
  • Size of the browsing window

What more data can you record if you are extra sneaky

  • The actual IP
  • The actual User ID
  • Keyboard inputs in password fields. (Don't! do this - it's stored in freetext in the database)

How is the session rendered?

Basically you will see the session as a video recording - so you will see exactly what the user did on your website.

How do I install etc.

Check out this video: